Minneapolis Wedding Photographer


You spend countless nights past your bedtime spent finding the right indigo to match your programs to your soon to be lush bouquet of Pansies.

You have a secret tab dedicated to Pinterest open on your laptop at all times so you can search everything from not-so-ugly bridesmaid dresses to succulent filled centerpieces in between meetings.

You call your mom to complain about how Uncle Arty wrote plus six in the box where it only said plus one on his return, since when did he have more kids?

So much of your time and energy goes into planning your wedding day, you almost feel guilty, but you shouldn’t, this is the one time in your life that you get to be the center of attention and throw the best party you can imagine.  With all the work you’ve done debating down to the detail of the color of your french tipped sparkly nails, it can seem like a lot, and I get it.  That’s why I make the photography part easy.

I believe photography should be natural and fun.  I serve down-to-earth clients who want just that.  Yes, I will give you some direction, but I promise it’s not going to feel mannequin stiff or unnatural.  No, you will not spend all day standing very still with a smile plastered onto your face staring into my lens, I promise I’ll get those formal shots done quick.

My wedding collections are customizable.  I don’t believe that right off the bat you should know how many hours of photography you want, or what collection you want to go with.  Instead, I take a retainer, and we sit down closer to your date an lay out a timeline that flows with your day.

All of my collections include an engagement shoot, retouching of the images, as well as high resolution downloadable image gallery.  You can share your gallery with your friends and family, and they can download the images of their choice at no extra cost.

Reach out to me here if you are interested in talking more about your stress free wedding day!  My favorite weddings from 2017 are on this page below!

Minneapolis Wedding Photography