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Let’s get this out of the way, yes, my real name is Angela Divine.  Divine is my middle name, it runs in my family.  My mom passed it onto me from her mother (Divina) and I hope to one day pass it onto my little girl. 

Since your engagement, I’m sure you have been looking at all things wedding.  The fun things like dresses with long silk trains, cakes with watercolored flowers, shoes with maybe a bit more sparkle than you have ever did dare to wear.  I remember those days, scrolling through Pinterest, feeling like a “girl”, enjoy these moments, they are once in a lifetime!

I also remember the more challenging parts of wedding planning, especially when you are wanting a venue that has a long stair case, high ceilings, and a great back yard that faces west for the setting sun… is that really too tall of an order?

For one day, you are like a princess, everyone wants a piece of you, and it can can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t always the center of attention or who applauds themselves for putting on jeans and makeup to be in your position.  Trust me, I’ve been there, but both sides of the camera.  On my wedding day, I was so excited and nervous- I couldn’t stop sweating despite the sub zero temperature or smiling because friends I hadn’t seen in 5 years were there.  It can still be relaxing, genuinely you, but also show the romance and fun of your wedding day.

People call me outgoing (I’ll talk to anyone) my dear husband calls me silly (I like cat jokes) and I am a loyal lady who worked in customer service for years.  Translation; I want to make friends with all of your family and guests, I will make your bridal party laugh and have fun, and I will be there to help you through making your perfect wedding day timeline so you can sleep easy.  Bonus; I can assign your overbearing Aunt Sally the task of straightening all the programs so she doesn’t nit pick during the family formals. 

This is what I do, and I love every moment of it.

Here’s how I work:

I’m not going to spend hours posing the two of you, your families, and wedding party.

I’m not going to just sit back and expect you to model.

I’m going to give you something in between, real genuine moments created with a little bit of direction so you feel comfortable, like yourself, and can assure that you will relive these memories once the venue clears out and you are trying to get out of your dress.

A few other things you should know about me:

I love to be outdoors in the summer, it is my jam and I spend my time with my 65 pound husky, Zelda.  I don’t mind getting a little dirty or hiking a few trails to get that epic photo.

Unicorns are the greatest!  I own about a dozen pairs of “lucky” unicorn socks and will most likely be wearing them if you want to meet.

I live for live music am obsessed with the Grateful Dead.

Food is everything to me.  It drives my schedule.  Crunchy things, salty things, chocolate.  Tater tots are my obsession and I eat tacos twice a week, extra guacamole please. 



My wedding Collections start at $2295.   You can customize the hours of coverage as well as how many photographers you would like on your wedding day.    They include an engagement shoot, rights to your photographs, retouching of images,  and a gallery high resolution downloadable images so  friends, family and yourself can access and download them to any computer. Family and all other portrait collections start with a small session fee, depending on the intention and collection, to learn more check this out.  I also love making prints, albums and wall art so you can be greeted by these incredible memories as soon as you walk in the door.  

Still here?  Let’s connect!  I would love to get to know you over coffee, cocktails,  and hear about your favorite late night snack!  Thanks for reading!

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