About Me

Hello again!  Let’s get this out of the way- yes, my real name is Angela Divine.  Divine is my middle name and it runs in the family.  My grandmother was Divina, she passed the name Divine onto my mom, and my mom passed it onto me.  I hope to continue this tradition if I have a little girl of my own.

Speaking of my grandma, my grandparent’s home is where my photography career started.  My grandparents had the most colorful home.  Olive green carpet with orange and yellow flowers, an attic with the best secret hiding spots.  Their retro home was inspiring, and I knew one day it would be gone, so I had to make sure I could remember every last detail of it, and my camera did just that.

When I’m behind the camera, people call me outgoing (I’ll talk to anyone) my dear husband calls me silly (I like cat jokes) and I am a loyal lady who worked in customer service for years.  Translation; I want to make friends with all of your family and guests, I will make your bridal party laugh and have fun, and I will be there to help you through making your perfect wedding day timeline so you can sleep easy.  Bonus; I can assign your overbearing Aunt Sally the task of straightening all the programs so she doesn’t nit pick during the family formals. 

Here’s how I work:

I’m not going to spend hours posing the two of you, your families, and wedding party.

I’m not going to just sit back and expect you to model.

I’m going to give you something in between, real genuine moments created with a little bit of direction so you feel comfortable, like yourself, and can assure that you will relive these memories once the venue clears out and all the cake is gone.

A few other things about me:   

I’m a 90’s child.  My first CD was the Free Willy soundtrack (I loved that Michael Jackson song) followed by TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool.   Also a huge fun of all things Nickelodeon, Ninetendo, and Harry Potter.

Unicorns are the greatest!  I own about a dozen pairs of “lucky” unicorn socks and will most likely be wearing them if you want to meet.

I have been teaching yoga for almost nine years!  I teach a couple classes a week because it keeps me grounded but also to balance out my obsession of tater tots and tacos.

Still here?  Let’s connect!  I would love to get to know you over a phone call, coffee, or cocktails. You can reach out to me here, or send me an email at angeladivinephotography@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading!