About Me

I get asked a lot about my middle name, and it actually runs in my family.   My grandmother was Divina, she passed the name Divine onto my mom, and my mom passed it onto me.  I hope to continue this tradition if I have a little girl of my own, despite my mom’s’ warning of the names the kids used to call her.  On the bus they would say, “Divine, Divine, the clinging vine…”  what does that even mean?!

Speaking of my grandma, my grandparent’s home is where my photography career started.  I was a little obsessed with it’s retro charm.  They had this olive green carpet with orange and yellow flowers, an attic that was fully paneled with wood with secret hiding spots.  I spent a lot of time there, I loved my grandparents.   I knew one day it would be gone, so I had to make sure I could remember every last detail of it, and my camera did just that.

I studied painting and photography at UW Madison and came home after four years of college with an internship at a photo studio.  These photographers shot airplanes, cars, windows, and even meatballs, which on a photo set are not real- do not try them…. I will never make that mistake again, they were made out of putty.

I loved the experience, but felt the commercial world was inauthentic.  The studio I worked for barely photographed people, and when they did, there was hair, makeup, pinning of the clothing, nothing felt real.  One day, I told my bosses that I felt like everything was staged and fake.  They laughed and welcomed me to the world of advertising, but also suggested I try weddings, so I found a mentor and dug right in.

I love weddings because nothing is staged, all the emotions are raw, and I love being apart of them.  I feel like I’m doing something of purpose and value.  Plus, weddings are the one place I feel like you can play and push the traditional to create some true art.

A few other things about me:   

I’m a 90’s child.  My first CD was the Free Willy soundtrack (I loved that Michael Jackson song) followed by TLC’s Crazy, Sexy, Cool.   Also a huge fun of all things Nickelodeon, Ninetendo (my dog is named Zelda and my husband and I have matching Triforce tattoos), and Harry Potter.

Unicorns are the greatest!  I own about a dozen pairs of “lucky” unicorn socks and will most likely be wearing them if you want to meet.

I have been teaching yoga for almost nine years!  I teach a couple classes a week because it keeps me grounded but also to balance out my diet of tater tots and tacos.

Still here?  If you made it this far and you’re feeling my vibe, let’s connect. We may have a lot in common!  You can reach out to me here, or send me an email at angeladivinephotography@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading!