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Hi, let's get this out the way; Angela Divine is my real name.  I'm a Minneapolis wedding and portrait photographer who truly believes wedding photography is more than just taking pretty photos, but the whole experience- start to finish.  

Every wedding day should be stress free and filled with fun.  All of your friends and family are gathered in one space, there's booze, delicious food, and a dance floor- what else could you really ask for? 

I'm here to help you through the entire process, because it can be overwhelming planning a party of this porportion.  In other words, I will have your back, from start to finish, even if you are nervous about feeling ackward in front of the camera.  

I would say my style is very comparable to Harry Potter.  I like the vibe to be bright, natural, and fun.  My colors are vibrant and true to the day.  However, sometimes things can get a little dark, romantic, and of course, magical. 

If I've lost you- hold on - what I'm trying to say is that I love working outside and with natural light so you get those happy, genuine moments between the two of you and your guests. But I also love playing with lights at night or in dark spaces to push the mood to an edgier place.  I always bring my unicorn tote bag full of "tricks" and hold wierd things like cd's, confetti, and pieces of glass up to my lense for magical effects.      

I aim to give you those photos that mom and grandma can't wait to see, but also more unique ones that you will want to hang on your wall and stare at for longer than you want to admit to.  

If you are down this my style or are just oddly intregued, click on the "Find Out More" button below.  If you want to see more of my work, check out my portfolios.  

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Angela was incredible. She was one of the many photographers recommended to us and after doing lots of research on our top choices, her photos spoke for themselves! Aside from her talent & affordable rate - we fell in love with her immediately. She's passionate and excited and clearly cares about her clients. She takes the time to really get to know you and your needs. She helped everyone stay focused on the day of & even ended up in the Mississippi on the day of our wedding in order to get the perfect shot of our bridal party. We would highly recommend! She's amazing! Kristi and Patrick 8/2017

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